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Not only the selection and purchase assistance is important, also our long experience that we offer to our clients is highly valued. A relation with our clients doesn’t end after notary deed…

Since 2008 Deknock is a family business with my wife and 2 daughters.  We are providing real estate services for the purchase and construction of high end properties in the south of Tenerife.

Whatever you are looking for, we maintain the highest standards and provide outstanding client services by performing acquisition market research on demand, providing legal advice about the purchasing process, and guaranteeing the most current analysis of available properties in the market. 

We work on appointment only to offer you a personalised service adapted to your needs. 

Dominiek Deknock

If you prefer to have a direct contact, don’t hesitate to call us me on  +34 658 905 539 or contact us via Whatsapp of Messenger


How can we help you further and what should you pay attention to when choosing your broker or property?


In deze mappen kan je meer gedetailleerde informatie vinden over aankoopbegeleiding, vastgoed selectie, juridische informatie of andere zaken gerelateerd meteen aankoop van uw (tweede) verblijf in Tenerife.




Purchase assistance and legal follow up.

You think you have found the property of your dreams, but… is the price right, are all papers OK, are there no construction errors or construction crimes that could seriously break you down later?


After a lot of searching you have finally found what you were looking for, but all the information is in Spanish and your real estate agent is now not the most neutral person to say whether you will buy now at the lowest price or if there there is margin.  Wasn’t there anything on the market that even more met your requirements, but the broker was wisely silent! All questions where specialized help is not superfluous…

In short, you are looking for an English-speaking confidential adviser with years of experience who, with a team of specialized lawyers, gestores, tax specialists and construction technicians, can advise and assist you during your entire decision-making and purchasing process, up to and including the supervision of adaptation works, furnishing and annual administration. .

How does it work?

From the moment you think you need help, you call or send an email to us and after a first contact I can inform you without obligation what your options are. We start with a price analysis and I can further negotiate the right purchase price with the selling party on your behalf. Once we have agreed on the price, we proceed to the preparation of the purchase by requesting all the necessary documents and examining them with our specialists, after which we prepare everything to prepare the notarial deed. At the notary you will receive English guidance and translation of the deed, after which all steps are taken for registration of your deed, transfer of utilities and assistance with adjustments or necessary purchases.


 Please contact us to know the economic conditions of this service.

Legal assistance

Asking for assistance…


A lawyer to represent your interests and to check the legality of your file or to be well prepared for your foreign adventure! Abroad, we recommend that you take well-prepared steps rather than fight out problems in court afterwards! Depending on the situation of the property, we choose to use a lawyer or a gestor (administrative manager). With a simple purchase, an administrative manager is sufficient, but sometimes there are catches such as old debts, unregistered properties, sellers or brokers who cannot be trusted directly… As Expertos Inmobiliarios, we also have access to specialized legal advice in the mainland. Real estate For this we work together with different lawyers depending on the zone and the subject matter. This lawyer can also be an authorized representative and, if desired, is also present at the notary and will prepare the deed at the notary on behalf of the buyer and us and conduct the necessary investigations. Once you are the owner, you also have tax obligations such as form 211 for your annual second residence tax, for which we usually appoint our gestor. Inheritances, prenuptial agreements, gifts or divorces… 


Our lawyers:

– Santiago Martin

– Mª Asunción Laynez (Fiscaliste)

– Dario Casanova (gestor de fincas)

Gestor administration:

– Alain Villemur

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Through these folders we offer you a short description per zone or type of property so that you do not have to scroll endless pages looking for what suits you!



Inside every folder you will find direct links to related properties and some information about this area.

If you didn’t what you were looking for, just call us or contact us by whatsapp or chat. Maybe we have it off-market, in collaboration with a colleague or it is simply not yet published!

The most luxury but also most expensive zone of South Tenerife. It is here that you will find the most exclusive real estate in Tenerife close to the famous golf course of Costa Adeje of Los Palos. In this zone there are renowned hotels such as “Bahía del Duque”, Sheraton, Corales Suites and the golf course of Costa Adeje.


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If you prefer to own a residential or managed property, this 400 hectare domain which includes the renowned Abama Ritz Carlton hotel, a Michelin star restaurant and, last but not least, a beautiful golf course may appeal to you! Abama is located on the south-west coast near the fast-growing coastal town of “Playa San Juan”. In Abama we can offer you turnkey villas as well as hotel apartments with or without exploitation and building plots with projects to build your own luxury villa.

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Few think of Tenerife as a destination with a Mediterranean climate, vineyards and typical villages!
Are you looking for an alternative in Tuscany or the South of France for your second residence or new residence where you can enjoy 365 days of beautiful weather, then Tenerife could be a possibility! This is a very specific offer that requires very good preliminary study as many properties have never been registered and where especially real estate agents promise impossible things! The advantage of these zones is that you can obtain a permit for holiday rental almost everywhere if the house meets the requirements. The height of these houses is usually in the “medianías”, ie between 300 and 900m above sea level.


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Remark! In this kind of product we have lots of OFF MARKET products. Please contact us directly!

Building a house is not easy! Finding land on which you can build is no mean feat! In recent years we have specialized in project supervision and building plot selection and for about 8 months now we have also had our specialized technical architect Estefanía who looks at all offers and plans on behalf of the future owner, follows up contracts and technically monitors and reports the construction itself. If you want a house adapted to your wishes, we can assist you completely in Dutch from soil selection to delivery and long afterwards… This is a lengthy process, count on the following time periods: – new construction on allotted land: 1 week to 3 months of research, 3 months design period with a selected architect, 3 to 12 months after submitting plans to obtain your permit and once permit obtained approximately 1 year for building or shorter for steel frame construction. – renovation or renovation: If not structurally (obra menor) in many cases no permit is required for detached houses (not in a complex). For structural renovations (obra mayor) project with an architect (2-4 months) after which permit application depending on the municipality where the property is located. (3 months to 2 years!) If you would like more information about this, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.






Not all properties in Tenerife can be legally rented. Some products are also better on the market than others!

Find here a selection of interesting investments for rental income…

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We are member of the association of Tenerife South Real Estate as well as APEI, a national association of experts in real estate. We also have Spanish liabillity insurance.  #teneriferealestate