Apartments left for sale!

Westhaven Bay

has been since more than 27 years a reference for the Belgian tourism in Tenerife! This year the owners of Westhaven Bay decided to sell all the houses as legal rentable holiday properties! For example, if you wish you can give your apartment in exploitation to the hotel for the period that you do not use it to get a return on your investment! Of course you can also just book a holiday in the new suites or send your proper clients!  The available apartments at Casa Rita are for the most known as the holiday houses and consist of a total of 39 duplex townhouses. Here you can purchase an apartment to legally rent it out through the exploitator. is the exclusive agency in representing Westhaven Bay and works in colaboration with the most estate agents of the South of Tenerife. In case you want to contact us directly, don’t hesitate to call Julie or Laura or  complete our online enquiry form.

Imagebank of the renovated units


All available units are duplex 1 & 2 bedroom houses. De renovated ones are located on the fifth line and renovation dates from end 2018. All other apartments are still in original conditions and renovation can be contracted at aproximately 35000€ or you can use or rent them out as they are. You are free to sign a yearly renewable renting contract with teh exploitator or you can keep your holiday house for proper use. Look at the total list of available apartments here…


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